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19/05/2017 - 17:25

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Fon Angwafor III: “Bakassi is a great achievement
Fon Angwafor III: “Bakassi is a great achievement

The Vice-president of the Cameroon people’s democratic movement gives an insightful perspective on the party, road covered and next month’s presidential election.

L’Action: With the 3rd Ordinary congress of the Cpdm coming up in the days ahead, what innovations do you think would be made to better the overall functioning of the party?

Fon Angwafor III: During this 3rd ordinary congress, I believe members of the party would express their views on a variety of things. Considering that there is no fixed programme for now, all we can say is that discussions and proposals of delegates would receive appropriate attention from the powers that be. Our party will come out much stronger than what it was in the past. 

As the Vice-president of the party, can you give us an idea of what holding that position has been in the past years?During these past years, we have worked with the national president of the party very smoothly. Pretty much has been on course. What I realised during these years is that I should have a secretariat in Yaoundé in a bid to be closer to him. For our party to smoothly function, we need facilities that will give us a clearer picture of our party’s activities on the field and militants.

The Cpdm was created in Bamenda in 1985. What do you think has been Bamenda’s contribution to the growth of the party?

I think in Bamenda there have been quite a number of agitations from other political parties, even from people who think that we ought to have the Southern Cameroon national council. In fact we had quite a number of problems from Bamenda its self. Bamenda does not seem to have understood the philosophy of the party very well. That is surely why the noise and disunity from Bamenda and the North West region will never ever lead us anywhere. We always see new politicians coming up with new schools of thoughts. The people are yet to understand that Cameroon is independent and has to chart its own course. They are a little bit confused and that is why Bamenda has not done what it ought to do as the founding seat of the party.  It has rather been sympathetic to the opposition. Unfortunately, this attitude has not led us to any particular direction. 

What memorable event do you hold of the party since its creation?

Well, it is hard for me to pinpoint a particular memorable event of our grand party but, I think the peaceful retrocession of the Bakassi peninsular to Cameroon represents one of the high points of our party’s success stories. Bakassi today is an integral part of Cameroon. That victory which was won in a pretty high diplomacy without conflict is a very visible achievement for the Cameroon people’s democratic movement. This was thanks to our Head of State’s ability to manage delicate situations. As it is today, Cameroon is the lone country in Central Africa that is full of peace and tranquillity. In this regard, I would like the party and its national president to forge ahead so that the nation attains economic independence. 

How do you envision the Cpdm after this 3rd ordinary congress? 

In my view, our party will be stronger in the next couple of years. The party will focus on economic issues. With mineral extraction now taking place in our country, development of power plants, construction of roads, development of communication facilities and professionalization of education, Cameroon through the Cpdm will be much better. With these at hand, our political independence will be a matter of the past and our economic outlook will be the central concern of this great party. Youth employment and health issues will also become strategic concerns of the Cpdm. 

Calls from the North West region for Mr Paul Biya to stand as candidate for the upcoming election have been answered. What do you think would be the contribution of this region’s militants to ensure the success of the Cpdm candidate?

Indeed the calls have been very sincere just like the president’s actions since his coming to power in November 1982. Since then, Cameroon has always presented its self positively in and out of the continent. Under President Paul Biya’s leadership, the country has recorded countless victories. The public opinion asking him to contest the upcoming election has been hid. I think sons and daughters of Bamenda would have to rally seriously to support him. We have liaised with potential voters, convinced them on the need to stand behind Mr Paul Biya and what we now expect from them is to go drop their votes on the D-day, to ensure our president’s victory. We have also instructed them to be calm and gentle during and after the holding of election. Our candidate will win but, what is also important and imperative is for peace to reign throughout our region during that period.

As a shrewd analyst of Cameroon’s political landscape, what is your reading of the 52 candidates that originally sent in their Candidatures?

I was surprised because we live in a country that won its independence on the motion of unity. We tried the federal system and did not work well. Today we are in a Republic for the collective success and betterment of all Cameroonians alike. Yet, what we notice today is an attempt to split up the country into tribal groups simply because of selfish purposes. It is a pity. 

Your wish for the Cpdm

I would like all elites and citizens of this nation to support the Head of State’s present policy through the Cpdm. That is, we must work individually and collectively in a bid to achieve a state of full development and emergence by the year 2035. I dream of a Cpdm that brings more happiness and prosperity to the people of this nation. I further envision a Cpdm that is actively and faithfully supporting the Head of State Paul Biya in managing Cameroon. To this effect, the various associations, professions and tribal groups present in our country should work with a sense of service in order for us to materialise this policy and take Cameroon out of underdevelopment. My ultimate wish for the Cameroon people’s democratic movement is that they contribute in the peace and calm that characterise our nation today for it to grow from strength to strength and from generation to generation.

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